Journeys of life.

We all carry a different level of eagerness for our goals. It is very natural and almost 98% of people enjoy the dreams of success story. Well, In this hustle – bustle, there is something that we actually lose..

What if tomorrow is unsafe for me?What if he goes too far in his life but not me? What if my income can’t meet my expectations? Oh God! Plz help me see my future and get me out of this worry? This though process mainly swirls in our heads. Never think that you are the one in this race of overthinking of tomorrow. It is very common and nothing can really take this stress away from you. It is something which makes us work. Isn’t it??

But what we actually forget is to catch the beautiful and emotionloaded present.Do you ever enjoy cooking with your mommy, sharing things with dad, doing ponytail of your sister or playing cricket with your brother? Think, why you actually ignored these things?

You never know when your closed ones would go far away. How long time you spent with anyone is not in your hands but how you decor that small adorable moments is completely in your hands. Adopt your strategy and catch the heartening days.

You may click and save your moments. Go for writing few lines on that. So that whenever you get a chance in the the absence of your closed ones, you can visualise these journeys and express your emotions.

Enjoy the present and save it for tomorrow to have tears of unknown happiness in its absence.

Just a click to catch…

Capture the smiles, tears, sunrise, sunset and all which calms in this journey.

Published by theshrutisingh

Tapping head between emotions and expressions. Burning issues curd up the head. Curious soul...

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