Things proving SUSHANT’S murder….

The social media is burning with the #CBIforsushant nowadays. About two weeks have gone, why so late this issue is raised? Reasons are the sting operations of SUSHANT’S nearby friends and workers. And more than that is the action of MUMBAI Police which is very suspicious. The involvement of politics is also finding the biggest place in this case and it is also because of the activities of Maharashtra’s government. The illogical statements given by many Shivsena’s leader is inducing the anger and framing the government suspicious in this murder case.

First look at top indicators of SUSHANT’S murder.

  • The unclear version of events that ambulance driver, police and his friend SIDHARTH PITHANI are describing on media.
  • Investigation of DISHA SAALYAN’S suicide case. Mumbai police has not cleared the reason of her suicide. And moreover the question that how can someone commit suicide when he/she is engaged in party just before that action.
  • Actress RIYA CHAKRABORTY’S dominating role in Sushant’s life and his money matters.
  • Mumbai police has confirmed his suicide just in 15-20 minute after they found him dead.
  • The marks on Sushant’s body is also suggesting some bad play and denying the suicide theory.
  • The topic that Sushant was going to do press conference after DISHA SAALYAN’S death. It is also coming out that he might have released some big names that are involved in his manager’s murder.
  • The way Maharashtra’s government is trying to ignore the facts and denying CBI is raising the involvement of big names.
  • The biggest bad play by Mumbai police was unfold on 13 August in supreme court that till now they haven’t done the FIR in Sushant’s case. What they are talking about investing the?
  • The reaction of Mumbai police on arrival of BIHAR Police for investigation.

All the things put up in this article is based on the media reports.

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