Nature and myself.

Finding connection is easy as filtering sand from water. But having that whole life with yourself is not possible. Think it why it is so?

But one connection is forever. It lives with you in rough, good, all the times. What is that? …. A connection with self. A bond, most pure. However in this busy and ready to go life, that bond really submerges under unknown relationships. That unknown is different for all of us. Some have that as job, some as school life, some as business and many other ways. How that unknown materialistic relationships forms your base, your head and all what you do? Have you ever thought of that?? Well that unknowns are very important for our life. But is that supreme in life? No, Self bonding is the most beautiful connection. That is the need of this busy life. How can that be established? Let us try and find some easy ways.

Nature will help you find that in most delightful and beautiful manner Some points are given.

1.Walk on the grass without sleepers in the mornings.
2.Look at the rising and setting sun for atleast 4-6 minutes.
3.Concenterate your eyes on the moon for 5-8minutes.
4.Go for morning walks without headphones and leave your phones for that 10 minutes.
5.Play with your pet for 15-20 minutes instead of watching pet videos on social sites.

Feel the calmness of nature.

Doing this easy exercises will change your negative and curry mindset. Begin with one or two exercises, whichever you find more comfortable. It is even scientifically proven that all these nature connected habits can turn negative into positive, fear into confidence.

Let the nature heal the pains and grief of mind and purify you. watch it, will love it.

Published by theshrutisingh

Tapping head between emotions and expressions. Burning issues curd up the head. Curious soul...

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