An interview with the Indian army man.

This article is a part of interview of Indian army personnel SAMEER KHAN taken by reporter AKSHAT NEGI.

Akshat :Jai Hind Sir!

Sameer:Jai Hind! It is good to see someone talking to me in this busy world and it is great to have a personality who is going to question me.

Akshat:Hmm! You are the part of peacemaker and peace creator in KASHMIR. It is pleasure to talk to you and questioning is in our blood sir.

Sameer:Well, I find my breath, peace and pain, all here,in Kashmir.

Akshat :But the circumstances are dangerous, how you all manage your breath here. A place where youth throws stones on you whenever you try to catch or encounter a militant.

Sameer:Let me tell u one important thing. They may or may not want us. But the need exists. Kashmir’s matter is not a small issue. It is a crack in Unity of our nation. And about the circumstances, the day I was selected as a part of CRPF, I pledged to live and die for BHARAT MATA.

Akshat:But sir I have heard about your story. And that is completely painful.

Sameer:My story. An army is not born to even think about self. I find my life in the people of Kashmir. I hope to change their self-destructive thoughts. Mindset of JIHAD. An as a part of most beautiful job, I find an innocence in kashmiri youth.

Akshat :Innocence? But sir….

Sameer :See, we spent more time with them, not our own children. No father wants to hurt his child, his star at any cost.

Akshat :Sir, please tell brief about what happened to you? What has brought you in this horrible condition.

Jai Hind!
Second part will come soon. 

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