Brut speakers on ‘SHE’ – 1

Whenever there comes any rape case or sexual crime against female society, there induces a sudden and fortunate response from the people of the nation. Responses come in faces like protest, marches on roads and many other ways. However during elections our political leaders, a group of people within whom we choose our policy makers makes many comments on female society which are unfortunate, shameful and punishable. It is not just an article but a part of that platform where we are going to raise a very important issue. It might look giving hype to something that is not really needed. But it is very much to be discussed issue. To highlight any issue, the best way is to underline the examples. And Indian politics are very much interested to provide us with that.

1.During 2014 U. P election run-up, S. P (Samajwaadi party) leader MULAYAM SINGH has vomit out a very disgusting statement to top our examples list.

‘Boys will be boys, mistakes can be made. First girls become friends with boys. Then when they have differences between them, girls level rape charges. Boys commit mistakes. Will they be hanged for rape?’

Just translate in hindi. How vulgar it sounds. Such a statement from a senior leader is horrible . This was spoken by him as a move for opposing capital punishment for rape.

2. Another unfortunate and remarkable statement by MULAYAM SINGH YADAV is highlighted below.

‘The woman reservation bill will only benefit rich and urban women. Poor rural women are not attractive. I will not say beyond this. If Bill would be passed,it would provoke young men to whistle in the Parliament’.

This was vomited by him while objecting Women Reservation Bill in 2010.

3.Congress leader has also succeeded to obtain his place in this unfortunate list. We are talking about DIGVIJAY SINGH.

‘sau tunch maal – a slang used in North india’.

He complemented Rahul Gandhi’s aide Meenakshi Natarajan. Later he clarified that he meant to call her ‘pure gold’. Really horrific.

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