Self-love – 1

Love, the most beautiful word. Love, the most calming emotion.

True beauty of love could be only find at the moment we begin inducing that feeling with self. It might sound selfish, self-centred talk. What actually determines self-respect. How can you ask for it?

Well, self love literally and surely determines how you are going to find yourself. Being a housewife, what you wish and where you see yourself? Being a jobless dad, how you look at your replica? Being a failure, where you see your reflections?

Your doubtful answers will express your grief. Your lips may shiver because of shame. Tears will hide your feelings but what about that wound in your soul where you have created a hell for yourself with your thoughts regarding the fact ‘how society looks at you?’, ‘what your child thinks about you? ‘.

But what if you perceive these sorrowful moments of life as part of his play, not your fault everytime. Atleast stop calling all the pains and bad conditions a result of your choices.

You can’t control other’s head. However there are complete chances that you can ignore that. ‘Ignorance can be a key to some peace, just choose it rightly where to ignore’..

Break the cages with self love.

‘Don’t let the people prison your smile Don’t let your thoughts lock that cage.’

Published by theshrutisingh

Tapping head between emotions and expressions. Burning issues curd up the head. Curious soul...

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