Fuck the judgements

The title might look unhealthy. Well you have a right to take it as you want. Moreover it is just you judging it in your personal way.

When a child is born, it is judged by the gender. And instantly people put the child in a category fitting to collection of their judgements. Do you have heard that live voice chatting. Of course No!

Do that chat mattered u or played some role in your actions. Well, you would say Noop! Not at all!

But now since you are a grown up he or she, it really bothers you. It really starts disturbing your choices. What should be your aim? How you should dress up? And now does all that affect you? You admit it or not but Yes! It really affects all of us..

Now you dress up with the colours that really don’t cheer you up. You might have also changed your passion or interests just because judgements started attracting you instead of your own comfort and confidence.

That innocence of childhood can’t be brought to u again. Nor you can shut all the sit mouths.

What really needs to be done?? There should be a connection formation between your heart and choices. Become completely open to judgements.

Because it is going to work for you better if you adopt a strategy of ignorance for the bouncer of judgements…

Published by theshrutisingh

Tapping head between emotions and expressions. Burning issues curd up the head. Curious soul...

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