The corona pain. Part – 1

Initially when the corona started its journey, it was all bearable. But when it stopped our journey, it was horrible.

Our movement from cities to villages might have looked you an act of foolishness and irresponsibility. But what had really attracted towards that step. And first thing, we are not so illiterate that we can’t understand the facts about how the virus was spreading and the need was to stop where u were.

People have told you lot of things about how this virus has offered them with celebrations and unplanned cheerful moments. ‘We have never ever spent this much time with family. Oh! I have turned myself from fat to fit. Started practicing body building tricks and blah blah!!!

But the truth of our pain and realisation of that pain was far behind that rich positivity. Tell me how can someone live without two times meal and shelter. Being daily-wage workers, it was all impossible for us to pay our rents and arrange even one-time meal. Our children were crying with starvation. That voice might have not reached the ears of anyone. Can you see your child sleeping with empty stomach and tears of Hunger..

Everything was closed. No transport, No food, No shelter, nothing was there to stop our steps towards our villages.

We made our mind. We started packing our stuff. We knew what to do. No matter how, no matter even if we die. We were having our reasons that were falling as tears that was unseen.

We packed our rotis in torn out clothes, took water in thrown away plastic bottles and covered the head with gamchaa to beat the scorching heat.

We had started hating the day we had planned to move to the cities . Somewhere in our hearts, there was a promise that we would not come back here again.. Our move for betterment of our poor-days proved to be a curse for our souls.

We were completely broken…..

Published by theshrutisingh

Tapping head between emotions and expressions. Burning issues curd up the head. Curious soul...

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