Don’t limit me.

What is the basic idea of choosing what is right or wrong??

You might modify your answers in different ways but the point will be same. What is that?

See we have accepted the woman in office but why we can’t accept the man in kitchen. We can’t see our son playing with dolls and wearing pink.

A lot comes as change. We need to except that. At least, don’t resist the changes that are natural.

Well I am saying to invite the changes. We can’t delay evenings, we can’t decrease the scorching heat of afternoons. Can we????

In parallel, why can’t we accept the uncommon things in our child. Why to call his differences as weird. Why to call someone a abnormal just because he/she is not fitting well in our so called family like society.

Stop putting this sit of bad and good, wrong and right over the one you have given life..

Love your as he/she is. Maybe one day your love will fit his heart and soul in a world where he/she could create joy.

Stand as a doraemon with your nominated.

Published by theshrutisingh

Tapping head between emotions and expressions. Burning issues curd up the head. Curious soul...

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